Why Dystopian Fashion Is Trending For 2023

    Simultaneously, the term “dystopian fashion” has grown over 330 million views on TikTok, where creators, like Paris-based creator and secondhand seller on Depop flamie love, are sharing their take on the apocalyptic trend. “I think it’s interesting because if we are in the future right now, we should dress accordingly,” they tell Refinery29, “Personally, I’m having more of an optimistic perspective, more of a utopic future when we are saving the earth.” That includes wearing secondhand clothes exclusively, leading to fits that range from tank top dresses with bold graphic prints to utilitarian puffer sets, “I think the fact that I only wear secondhand clothes is something quite dystopian in a way,” the creator adds. “It’s like in movies or books, when resources are limited or disappearing, people make do with what they have.”

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