Why Prince Harry Is Wrong About Unconscious Bias

    In summary, whilst Harry has shown that he is working towards becoming an ally for the Black community, his failure to acknowledge unconscious bias as racism, is unfortunately another example of how the monarchy tip toes around real issues around race without calling it out as what it is. Of course, in every family, there is grace to excuse certain things and accept imperfect aspects of character. But racism, whether conscious or unconscious is not one of these things and should not go unchallenged. Once we start calling racism what it is, the more those who truly want to dismantle it can work towards seeing true progress. To quote Harry once more, in the interview he said: “At this point, the world is asking for accountability.” This accountability includes calling actions what they are and that includes calling unconscious bias what it is: racism. However, in his attempt to explain the unconscious bias, there is one thing he was right about. He said: “If you are called out for unconscious bias, you need to make that right.” I, too, believe that redemption is possible for everyone — whether intentionally or unintentionally racist. But it first takes full accountability in order for this to be achieved.

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