Why should we learn Microsoft Excel

    If you are a person in the computer field, then you have not heard the name of Microsoft Excel, this cannot be done. Excel is the most used spreadsheet program of the present time. Here we are going to know about the best reasons for learning Excel. If you have a curiosity in your mind, why should we learn Excel, then this information is for you


    Why should we learn Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program known as MS Excel or Excel, which is popular all over the world due to its powerful formulas, It is the most used program after MS Word, hence it is the most widely used office in the world. The first choice is if you know how to run Microsoft Excel, then you can do many hours in minutes. Let us know the features of Excel.

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    Job opportunities

    If you get Excel then it works for you as an extra skill which can create employment opportunities for you. Suppose you and your friend have studied together and you both applied for a job together. Have done but you have taken Excel training and your friend has not taken that training then it will mean that he will not be given priority in that job because he does not have Excel’s extra knowledge then in this way if you have learned Excel Then it can be a boon for you

    Hours work in minutes

    If you get Excel, you can easily do many hours in minutes, Excel has a variety of powerful formulas that make Excel even more powerful, due to which the hours can be worked in minutes. Suppose if we are making the salary of the employees working in the office, some of it is to increase the salary of the employees and some are to be deducted, then if we manually increase or reduce the salary of those employees then it may take a lot of time if Excel If we use some of the formulas, then the monthly salary of the employees can be ready in no time, thus you can easily do any work through the spreadsheet program, in addition to that we have to add or reduce the huge amount of Excel. With the help of formulas, this work can be done in a very short time.

    Microsoft Excel used in all offices around the world

    Microsoft Excel program can be used today in all the offices of the world, whether it is private, government and semi-government or any shop, it can be used in all the Microsoft Excel programs. This means that if you have learned Microsoft Excel then you can Go anywhere, this course is going to be very useful with it, you can learn any version of Excel whether it is Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2019, you will be able to work in all the software, you will not have any problem.


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