Why “Titanic’s” Heart of the Ocean Necklace Still Goes On

    While the necklace used in the film — given to Rose by her fiancé Caledon Hockley (played by Billy Zane) and later immortalized in a drawing by her lover Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) — was commissioned to London-based luxury British brand, Asprey (formerly Asprey & Garrard) and inspired by a 42.5-carat diamond extracted in the 17th century in India, named the Hope Diamond, replicas are sold everywhere. However, American retailer The J.Peterman Company, founded in 1987, was the only brand with official certification from 20th Century Fox to sell replicas, which, today, can be found on eBay for upwards of $2,000. Still, that hasn’t deterred retailers like jewelry store Zales, which carries replicas that range from $100 to $400, and attractions like the Titanic Museum in Las Vegas, which offers a $300 version, from selling their own replicas of the pendant. And demand is high: According to Chloe Baffert, merchandising and curation expert at Poshmarksales for dupes increased by 39% in December 2022, when the film celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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