Young Age Depression

     Depression in the young age is a serious mental health problem in which the person
    constantly feels unhappy and has no desire to work. It also affects your thinking
    and behavior. This can lead to emotional and physical problems. Depression can occur
    at any age in one’s life.

    No age group over 25 has a depression rate higher than 10%, but the younger groups all do, and the rate among college-age adults (20-21) has increased the most.


    what causes Young Age Depression

    There are many factors which cause depression at a young age includes:- family stress, career stress, academic issues, long-term bullying. Having been the victim or witness of violence, such as physical or sexual abuse.

    Depression can occur when many children are bullied too much by other children in school. When a child is bullied in school, his / her self-esteem decreases and he / she is in a state of depression due to being constantly in stress. At the same time, the child can reach this situation due to repeated pressure. Now it can be of pressure studies and also of anything else.

    Children in which a family member has had depression have a higher risk of “Young Age Depression” than the rest of the children. At the same time, it is not necessary that children who do not have family history of depression can never have depression. If you feel that your child is at risk of depression, then pay close attention to his work, feelings and behavior.

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    Signs And Symptoms Of Young Age Depression

    Sadness and emptiness

    If you often feel emptiness and sadness in your mind, do not ignore it. With this, if you hate yourself and start feeling that you are of no importance in the world, then understand that you have been a victim of Young Age Depression.

    Insomnia troubles

    If you do not sleep for a long time or do not sleep at night, then it is a sign of young age  depression. Try to find a solution to it in time.

    Do not focus on one thing

    When you are not able to concentrate easily or repeatedly start to break your concentration even in everyday work, then understand that these are symptoms of depression.

    Suicidal thoughts

    If someone thinks of ending his life again and again and feels that there is no reason for me to live anymore, it is a sign that he is suffering from severe depression. It can be avoided with medical advice at the right time.

    How to overcome from Young Age Depression

    • First of all, take eight hours of sleep to get away from depression. When sleep is complete, the mind will be refreshed and negative emotions will come down in the mind.
    • Stay for some time in the sunlight every day. This will lead to early depression.
    • Include meditation and yoga in your daily routine.
    • keep busy yourself in your favorite field.
    • spend more and more time with your friends, family members.
    • Keep a complete account of your work. Consider how much work you do throughout the day and how much time you give to which activity. This will make it easier for you to balance between all activities and reduce stress.
    • To get rid of depression, you can make your wish list in which you do all the work that you find happiness. Like spending time close to nature, reading a good book, cooking, writing, listening to music, watching TV or fulfilling a favorite hobby.
    •   Now take a deep breath which will give relief to all your senses. This remedy has been going on for a long time. Focusing on your breath, taking long breaths relaxes mental tension. Nothing can be more effective than quick control of anger.

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