YouTube Music gets ‘Recently Played’ widget, Material U Design with quick shortcuts.

    Search engine company Google’s music streaming app YouTube Music has been given a new update. With this, users on Android 12 devices will get the recently played widget, on which play and pause controls are given along with the like button. Android users will be able to use this widget in three different sizes and make it part of their home screen layout. Now YouTube Music app is offering three widgets Now Playing, Turntable and Recently Played.

    Support for Android 12’s Material U Design

    The special thing is that the new widget of YouTube Music supports the Material U design and theme of Android 12. The company is tweaking its apps with the default theme to integrate them better with the new Android 12 theme. In addition to the YouTube Music app, widgets from Google Play Books, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Calendar and Google News are also being given widgets related to the new theme.

    In October, the company released a new ‘Turntable’ widget for the YouTube Music app, with which the cover art of the track being played, and the option to play, pause or like the track. According to a report by 9to5Google, with the now-released Recently Played widget, users will be given the same three quick controls and they will be able to change tracks without opening the app.

    The new widget was advertised by the company with the Pixel 6 series and with it users can do things like jump back to playlists or albums and rewatch videos with a single tap. This functionality is similar to the music widgets in the Spotify and Apple Music apps found in iOS 14, providing shortcuts to previously played tracks, playlists, and albums.

    Customize widget layout

    The YouTube Music app’s new widget can be resized from a 5×2 layout to a 5×4 layout once it’s added to the home screen. At the same time, users who want a compact feel will be able to change it to 5×1 and 4×1 sizes, but in doing so, the play, pause and like buttons are hidden. Like the turntable, the new recently plaid widget also supports ‘Dynamic Colour’, which blends in with the phone’s wallpaper.

    If you have updated the YouTube Music app to the latest version 4.45.55, you should get the option to add a new widget to the home screen. However, this is a server side update, which means some users may have to wait for it to be enabled.

    YouTube Music Succeeds in the Music Streaming Space

    Google has made many changes in its music related services in the last decade and its products under different names have not been very successful. YouTube users are finally paying to listen to music with the company’s existing music service that rolled out in June 2018. YouTube has become the fastest growing paid music service and the company has migrated users to it by shutting down the Google Play Music app.

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